Friday, 21 October 2016

Skies from Boronia Peak

In the last school holiday we spent a week in the Grampians - a wonderful part of western Victoria.  The weather forecasts were not great, but thankfully they were also not accurate!

We took up to the top of Boronia Peak where we were joined by building clouds and a bit later on, noisy teenagers.  I much preferred the clouds.

You can find more sky shots at Sky Watch Friday.  SM

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Wild Bird Wednesday 221 - Radjah Shelduck

You can't have failed to have noticed that I like ducks.  If you have ever posted am image of a duck, it's probable that I liked it.  There is something so wonderfully peaceful about ducks I think.

This week's WBW is brought to you by the Radjah Shelduck (which is a combination of words that auto-correct seems to hate!).  This is a duck that is restricted to the north and northern parts of the east of Australia.  In other words it's not a bird I see on a regular basis.

These birds were taken at two location in the Northern Territory - the first four images were taken at the appropriately named Bird Billabong, and the others on the rather more famous Yellow Waters.  I watched the duckling for a good 10 minutes and they did not spot preening at all!

There is no real information to be had about this birds scientific name - Tadorna radjah as it means Radjah Shelduck!   The birds are about 50 cm long with a wing span close to 100cm.  It also seems that they are fond of mud!

I think that I am finally to be back up to speed after at least 3 weeks of less than perfect health.  Now its your turn to click the blue button and join in with WBW.  SM

Monday, 17 October 2016


This has to be one of the best spots I have had breakfast at in a very long time - a secret spot south of Adelaide River in the Northern Territory.

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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Wild Bird Wednesday 220 - Intermediate Egret (and a less than happy frog!)

Greetings - its not been the easiest 10 days of my life in terms of health and such like, so I am very behind with replies and such like.  Just when I thought I was out of the woods, today I spent well over an hour - and well over $500 - in a dentist's chair.  Which was an experience that is best described as unenjoyable!  On the other hand, my week has been better than the one that the frog in these pictures was having!  I should be thankful.

The bird is an Intermediate Egret (Ardea intermedia) one of a set of at least 3 'large' white egrets in Australia.  I'm pretty certain I have got the name right, but will except corrections!

This bird was feeding in the shallow water outside of the Mamukala Bird Hide when I saw it get the frog.  It was caught, turned around and swallowed all in a few seconds.

The large blue / purple birds in the background are Australian / Purple Swamphens.

I hope finally to be back up to speed some - so, thanks in anticipation for comments.  Now its your turn to click the blue button and join in with WBW.  SM